How Much Dirt Can Carpets Hold?

Clean CarpetsA lot of people don’t realize just how dirty their carpets can get. It’s common for people to assume that the occasional vacuuming session is more than enough to keep carpets tidy. However, carpeting can actually hold a lot of dirt. If you’ve had your carpets for a while, it’s likely that they are dirty, even if they look clean because even vacuuming insn’t really getting any dirt out.

Carpet Dirt Isn’t Always Visible

You can’t tell how dirty your carpet is by looking at it. The dirt in your carpet isn’t always on the surface. In fact, a lot of dirt will be deep within the carpet, where you can’t see it at all.

Even if your carpets look clean, there’s a good chance that they are holding a lot of dirt. You can’t rely on your eyes when you want clean carpets. If your carpets haven’t been deep cleaned in a while, it’s safe to assume that they are pretty dirty.

Vacuums Can Only Clean Away Surface Dirt

Why can’t vacuums clean all of the dirt away from your carpets? Vacuums do clean away dirt, but they can only clean the surface of your carpeting. Your vacuum will get rid of the visible dirt, but the remaining grime will have to be cleared away in other ways.

That’s not to say that regular vacuuming isn’t important; you should be vacuuming areas that see a lot of foot traffic on a weekly basis. However, vacuuming can’t be the only type of cleaning that you do. If you want to ensure that your carpets stay tidy, you’ll have to rely on other cleaning methods as well.

Deep Cleaning Can Get Rid Of The Dirt In Your Carpet

There are carpet cleaning tools that are able to clean the entire carpets, not just the surface. While these kinds of tools tend to be costly, you can easily rent them if needed. You can also hire professional cleaners.

Dirty Carpets Can Be Damaging

Some people don’t worry about the carpet dirt that they can’t see. Since the dirt is out of sight, it’s easy for people to keep it out of their minds. However, this dirt isn’t something that you can just ignore. It has the potential to be damaging, even if you can’t actually see it.

The dirt that’s deep inside your carpet is going to re-enter the air in your home. Any germs or bacteria that are within your carpet will enter the air as well. Breathing in the dirty air can take a real toll on your health.

If you want to make sure that everyone in your home has clean air to breathe, you’ll have to take great care of your carpets. You should aim to have your carpets deep cleaned at least once a year.

As you can see, your carpeting can hold a lot of dirt. That’s why you need to work to keep your carpeting as clean as possible. Regular deep cleaning sessions will keep your carpet in great shape. If you work with carpet cleaners, you’ll know that your carpeting isn’t dirty at all.