Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner

The Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge contains five counter rotating spinning brushes that use SpinScrub technology to get at tough dirt and stains from every possible direction. While this carpet washer is more than capable of bringing up dirt, it is gentle enough so that it will not cause damage to more delicate carpet fibers. The SteamVac also has a Clean Surge feature which allows for an extra burst of detergent to be released on particularly dirty areas of the carpet. High traffic areas can look even more dingy than other areas, especially if that traffic was created by kids and pets, so the Clean Surge feature is a nice extra boost of cleaning power to apply to these areas.

The Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner is a surprisingly versatile machine that can also be used to clean upholstered furniture as well as hardwood floors. The unit utilizes two separate tanks, one for clean water and a second for dirty water and filling and emptying the tanks is easy to do without spilling or creating a mess.


Built to meet all North American Electrical Standards, this Hoover carpet cleaner allows for three different Brush roll speeds. A higher speed is suitable for regular cleaning duties and the lower speed can be employed for more gentle cleaning action or for a quick clean-up of a accidental spill. To use this cleaner on a room with hardwood floors, simply use the Tool Mode feature. Tool mode will halt the spinning scrub brushes to better protect floors from scuffing.

The brushes on the Hoover SteamVac are removable, which makes them easy to clean off as you go through the rooms of your house. Removing excess dust, stray fabric and debris between rooms will allow the cleaner to work even more effectively. For an added boost, extra detergent can be released by hitting the fingertip control of the Clean Surge feature. The Hoover SteamVac also employed hated drying to allow for a faster drying time.

The cleaner is run on a 12 amp motor and contains no belts, so you never have to worry about one breaking and trying to find a replacement. The machine’s dual tanks are very easy to fill with water as well as with the accompanying 16 ounces of detergent. The eight foot hose also helps extend the cleaner’s reach under heavy furniture, up stairs or into corners and the 11.25 inch nozzle allows for a wide swath of carpeting to be cleaned with just a single push.

Ease of Use

The Hoover SteamVac Cleaner with Clean Surge is quick to assemble out of the box and very easy to use as well. The cleaner weighs about 20 pounds, so it is does not require much effort to push forward and pull back, and carrying it up a flight of stairs is accomplished easily enough. For a full-powered cleaner it is surprisingly agile.

A SpinScrub powered hand tool allows home owners to get to hard to reach areas as well as to spot clean sectiosn of the carpet that are especially dirty or where a recent spill has occurred. This useful hand too also makes cleaning furniture a simple task to complete.


The Hoover SteamVac Cleaner comes with a limited one-year warranty from Hoover which has service locations throughout the country to serve its customers. As well, Hoover’s website contains valuable information with instruction manuals, videos and customer service contacts, as well as a Frequently Asked Questions page to help customers resolve their issues themselves.

Customer Reviews

Despite being named SteamVac, the SteamVac Cleaner does not use steam to clean. While some customers feel this is a misrepresentation, hot water can be used in the tank to either mix with the detergent or to clean without detergent entirely. Customers who have purchased this carpet cleaner were impressed with its cleaning power, but caution that it is important to clean carpets regularly so as to not let dirt and grime build up too much. Spot cleaning may also be required, but that is something that professional cleaners routinely do as well. This SteamVac is priced right and buying a cheaper model will cost you in the long run as those machines do not do the job as well.


For a quality carpet cleaner, steam or no steam, the Hoover SteamVac Cleaner is a great addition to any house cleaning arsenal. The Clean Surge trigger allows for an extra burst of detergent that targets tough spots and the price makes this a good value all around. A wide range of tools allows for the cleaning of upholstered furniture and the extended hose makes it easy to get under heavy furniture pieces as well as to get into corners and other difficult or hard to reach areas of the home.