Hoover Max Extract Dual V All Terrain

Hoover Max Extract All Terrain Carpet & Hard Floor CleanerThe Max Extract is named for its unique ability to get water out of the carpet so that the fibers can dry more quickly. This can save time on cleaning projects as furniture can be moved back into place so family and household can get back to doing what they do best, making the carpet dirty again. As an All Terrain cleaner it is also effective in cleaning hardwood, tile and carpeted floors.


This carpet washer also allows you to cut down on the time of the actual cleaning process by employing an auto rinse feature. As you push the machine forward it dispenses the water and detergent with automatic detergent mixing. When you bring the machine back towards you, it rinses the carpet. In theory this should cut the cleaning time in half. The rinse only feature allows users to quickly clean a certain spot in the home or to perform a general rinse of a carpet or hard surface without a full shampoo treatment. Multiple brush speeds let you alternate between a good hard scrub of a kitchen or bathroom floor or a more gentle scrub to spot clean a spill. The fast scrubbing action makes shampooing carpet easy. While this carpet washer does not steam clean in the strict sense of the term (it does not heat water), hot water can be used with results that are just as satisfying.

The Hoover Max Extract carpet washer is an all terrain cleaning machine. It will clean deep pile carpet or hardwood floors as well as ceramic and linoleum tile. Fitted with a 12 amp motor powered by 120 volts, the Max Extract meets all North American Electrical Standards. Weighing just over 25 pounds makes this carpet washer easy to push and is not difficult to carry up stairs.

Ease of Use

This machine is easy to use. At 25 pounds, there are some who may find it a bit on the heavy side, however, with a 13 inch wide nozzle and the benefit of auto rinse, you won’t be pushing this carpet cleaner for as long as you would models without these features, even if they are lighter. The shampooer cleans widely and evenly as well, which eliminates the need to go over certain spots again and again. The Dual V technology provides equal suction across the base so no wet spots or puddles are left behind. Height can be adjusted to three different elevations which allows for the cleaning of high or low pile carpets.


The Hoover Max Extract Dual V All Terrain cleaner comes with a pretty standard one year warranty. Hoover service centers are available in most major cities and customer service can be obtained through the Hoover website which provides an email address, a toll-free number and FAQs page for solving any problems customers may encounter. Instruction manuals and instructional videos are also available on the website.

Customer Reviews

Some things that could use a little improvement, according to some owners of the Hoover Max Extract carpet washer, are the hose and cord. Both have been deemed a tad too small to be entirely practical. While the hose, at eight feet, should certainly reach any out-of-the-way spot in your home, it may not be ideal for cleaning stairs top to bottom, however, at 20 feet the cord should suffice even in homes with limited outlets, and an extension cord would certainly solve any problem if more that 20 feet is required.

That said, customers who have purchased the Max Extract love it for its versatility as many homes feature both carpeted rooms and hardwood floors, so the Hoover Max Extract works well for overall home cleaning. The Dual-V Technology employed in this carpet cleaner works to provide even suction across the nozzle. Three speed brush roll control and edge cleaning bristles give users an edge when cleaning corners and other hard-to-reach areas. The upholstery tool, SpinScrub powered hand tool and squeegee, are great added benefits, according to most customers, and allow for the Hoover carpet cleaner to be put to good use cleaning upholstered furniture as well.


The Hoover Max Extract Dual V All Terrain carpet washer is a time and money saver for sure. Gone are the days of renting expensive carpet cleaners and then having to spend time loading and unloading them and dropping them off at the rental office location. This carpet washer is particularly useful to have around the home because it can pick up spills fast before the stains become permanent. The Max Extract feature also leaves carpeting drier than other carpet washers which will speed up the overall drying time. While not the most lightweight of carpet washing machines, the Hoover Max Extract is easy to use and the hose extension enables users to get into difficult spots as well as to clean upholstered furniture pieces.