Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Carpet Cleaner

Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine Professional Grade Carpet CleanerThe Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine offers as close to a professional grade cleaner as you’re likely to find. Bissell has marketed this bright green machine since 2010 and it has proven to be a popular carpet cleaner for the company. Many folks who have used the carpet washer in their homes attest that it provides a much more thorough cleaning job than a rental machine. It has tremendous suction and a fast dry time, which is very appealing to consumers. The Big Green is a significant investment. While there are certainly less expensive cleaners on the market, few offer the same commercial grade cleaning power. If you have a large home with lots of carpeting in addition to pets, you undoubtedly have high traffic areas that need a powerful clean on a regular basis. This makes the Bissell cleaner a good buy.


Big Green features Bissell’s patented Rotating DirtLifter® Powerbrushes which really dig down deep to the root of the carpet fibers to get out dirt and stains. It works the fibers to deep clean them and breaks down stain particles, removes dust and debris as well as excess moisture. Also included is a 24 ounce container of Bissell 2X deep cleaning formula.

Many carpet cleaners on the market mention “steam cleaning,” either in their name or product descriptions and this is somewhat misleading as they are not technically steam cleaners. They don’t use steam, but they do use hot water. Likewise, the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine allows for the use of hot water to get at tough stains.

The Green Machine features two separate water tanks which provides for easy filling and emptying. There is a tank for clean water and a tank for dirty water. This seems to be the trend in home carpet cleaning machines as consumers have shown a preference over the old single tank system. The clean water tank is quite large as well and can hold almost two gallons of water. Many similar products on the market feature one gallon tanks so this allows Green Machine operators to perform cleaning tasks for longer periods of time before needing to refill the tank.

A nine foot hose is an improvement over similar cleaners on the market which are typically outfitted with eight foot hoses. That extra foot goes a long way in cleaner up staircases. The hand tool attachment allows for an even greater reach which also helps in the cleaning of staircases and upholstered furniture and is great for getting under large furniture pieces as well as hard-to-reach corners.

Ease of Use

The adjustable tank handle has been ergonomically designed and allows for some height variation to adjust to the user which creates easy maneuvering capabilities. While this carpet shampooer does not offer the widest cleaning path of home carpet cleaners, at ten and a half inches it provides a fairly wide path.The Big Green compensates by cleaning on both forward and backward passes which can save time in cleaning large carpeted rooms and going from room to room. The 25 foot cord also lets homeowners clean large areas or clean adjoining rooms easily and quickly. The carpet machine’s flow indicator allows users to see when the water tank needs to be changed as well as when to add more cleaning solution.


The Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine comes with a limited five year warranty, which is double the length of many home carpet shampooers on the market. Of course, the Green Machine is more expensive as well, but you certainly get what you pay for. Owners of Bissell carpet cleaners can find helpful information on how to contact the company, get answers to frequently asked questions, read how-to guides and get cleaning tips by visiting the Bissell website.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have purchased and use the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine have been very impressed with its cleaning power and its ability to clean up pet stains in particular. People who purchased the cleaner report that drying times for washed carpet is very fast, around three hours, with a little help from well-placed fans. Assembly of the machine was easy and after using the cleaner it gave carpeting a fuller look which gave it new life. The Big Green offers a professional grade cleaning experience that, while costing more than other cleaners on the market, cleans much better. They prefer the Bissell machine to even the Rug Doctor which for many years was one of the only commercial grade machines available.


While Bissell’s Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine does cost more than other upright cleaning appliances, it offers superior cleaning power. Its long cord and extension hose make cleaning furniture, stairs and multiple rooms easy and the drying time is fast so that families aren’t inconvenienced. People who have purchased and used this carpet shampoo machine feel that was worth the money, because it gets the job done right the first time.