Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Tips You Can Use At Your Home

If you would like to start cleaning your own carpet, without having to bring in a professional, you might want to consider using some carpet cleaning tips that are working very well for many people. Whether you have a dirty carpet, stains, or heavy traffic areas, you should be able to use some type of carpet cleaning strategy that can help you get your carpet clean without requiring professional equipment or carpet cleaners that do this for a living. Here are five carpet cleaning tips that you can use that can help you restore your carpet.

How To Remove Wine Or Soda Stains

If you have a stain on your carpet, such as from soda or wine, you can get this out fairly easily. If it is a stain that is caused by blood, or grease, it may not be possible to get the entire stain out even if you use professional detergent or equipment. There is a technique that must be used to make sure that you get the stain out if it is something that can be removed. It involves the way in which you remove the stain, regardless of what chemical or natural product you are using to saturate the area. Instead of rubbing the area where the stain is, you instead need to blot the stains. This will allow you to take care of the stains very easily. The material will soak up into the cloth, and by rotating the cloth and continuing to blot the stain, it will eventually come out of the carpet fibers and will be as if it was never there.

How To Remove Tough Stains Like Blood

As mentioned before, blotting the stains is the key to successfully removing most of them. However, you cannot do this without some type of liquid component. Some people will use hot water, or water mixed with a detergent. However, what you need is a liquid that is going to have some type of bubbling reaction. When you use club soda, it is able to help agitate the foreign material in the carpet fibers. The combination works in your favor, and can be very successful in removing stains caused by blood. You may need to let it soak for up to 15 minutes, especially on stains that have been there for quite some time. Once you have done this, you should have no problem at all extracting the stain by blotting it out.

How To Remove Coffee Stains With Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is also an excellent choice when it comes to removing a coffee stain. It is just as effective, in some cases, as club soda. It is not going to stain your carpet, even though it may come out a certain color. You will want to leave it on for at least 30 minutes before using a cloth with club soda. You could use vinegar after you have removed most of the stains in your carpet if there is a small portion of the carpet which still has the coffee stains.

How To Remove Gum From A Carpet

You can easily remove gum from a carpet, especially if it is rather recent, by simply using ice. You will also need to get a spoon which can be used to scrape up the gum after it has been frozen somewhat solid. By doing this, you are actually causing the gum to expand, and therefore its connection to the carpet fibers will be minimalized. There is the possibility that a remaining part of the gum may be still in the carpet. You can simply cut that portion out which will be hardly noticeable.

How To Remove Wax From A Carpet

Some people that use candles in their home for various purposes may often find that they have dripped wax on to a carpet. This can be difficult to remove. The easiest way to remove wax is to place a white cloth over the top of the wax, and turned the iron on. You should only leave it there long enough to melt the wax which will probably be just a few seconds. You can keep checking to see if it is actually melting, and once it does, you will use a butter knife to scrape most of it off. The remaining portion can be removed by repeating the process, but this time with a paper towel. The wax will bind to the paper towel, and when you pull it up, the wax should be attached to the paper towel.