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Many homeowners prefer the look and feel of carpet over hardwood floors and area rugs, but cleaning carpet can present a challenge. When dirt gets down deep into the carpet fabric, it may require the use of a heavy duty carpet cleaner — a vacuum cleaner simply will not suffice. There are a few factors to consider when deciding which carpet cleaner is right for your home carpet needs. First, you should check the carpet warranty or visit the manufacturer’s website to see if there are any special cleaning instructions you should follow. Failing to clean your carpeting according to the manufacturer’s instructions may void the warranty. Below are some other things to consider in order to get the best carpet cleaner for your home.

Size Considerations

There are many different sizes of carpet cleaners you can choose from and most of them will be lighter and easier to push and carry than a rental cleaner. Which size is right for you depends on what you feel comfortable with. If carrying the machine is difficult, or if pushing is a problem, scale down from a full-size carpet cleaner to a compact. Also, the bigger the machine the more storage space it will take up in your home.

Special Detergent Requirements

Some machines require that you only use the detergent made and supplied by the manufacturer. Failure to do so can void the warranty. You may feel that this is just a ploy to keep you buying their products, but if it’s true, are you prepared to part with more money for repair or replacement? This is something to consider before purchasing a carpet cleaner for your home.

Special Features

Some commercial carpet cleaners have separate tanks for both water and cleaning solution which requires less refilling which can save you time when cleaning. Additionally, machines with smaller tanks will also require refilling more often. If time is a consideration for you, then consider a machine with a larger tank size. If your home has carpeted stairs or a lot of upholstered furniture, you may want to consider a cleaner with attachments to make those cleaning jobs easier. Also, a machine with a moving brush tends to work better at cleaning embedded dirt than cleaners with a fixed brush. Carpet cleaners with belts will require a belt replacement at some point in their lifetime. Will the manufacturer still be making that belt when your carpet cleaner needs it? Models without belts avoid this possible scenario.

Different Types of Carpet Cleaners

The type of carpet cleaner that is right for your home will depend on your needs. For homes that have minimal carpeting, a spot cleaner may be more than enough. For homes with wall-to-wall carpeting throughout the home, a larger steam vacuum may be what you need in your cleaning arsenal. For use on a weekly or daily cleaning schedule a more traditional vacuum cleaner may be enough to keep carpets clean between major seasonal or yearly carpet washings. Below is some information on the different types of carpet cleaners available for the home.

Spot Cleaners

Spot cleaners are great because they are light weight, easy to store and very portable, which makes them great for cleaning carpeted staircases. A spot cleaner is ideal for removing stains from a certain area of carpet. There are models that feature rotating brushes to work out the stain and models that require the user to employ some elbow grease. Most of these cleaners are safe and easy to use on upholstered furniture as well.

Upright Steam Cleaners

For a heavy duty cleaning you won’t find short of hiring a professional service, an upright steam cleaner should be able to handle pretty much any carpet cleaning chore. This type of carpet cleaner is used in the same way you would a regular vacuum cleaner. Simply move it back and forth over the carpet. Upright steam cleaners house several small tanks that hold the cleaning solution and water as well as a tank for dirty water. Many upright cleaners also feature attachments to make getting into corners easier and are good for cleaning furniture as well.

Rolling Canister Cleaners

These cleaners are smaller versions of their industrial-sized cousins. Set on wheels, the rolling canister cleaner is easy to maneuver and usually includes attachments that can be used to clean furniture as well as a suction wand for really tough stains that require a lot of scrubbing.

Large Rolling Machines

This type of carpet cleaner is mostly used commercially, however, there are models available for home use. Rolling machines have large tanks that require less refilling and can be pushed, or in the case of more industrial sized models, are self-propelled.

Ease of use, weight, amount of storage space required, type of carpet, size of the carpeted area, price and brand are all factors to consider when choosing a carpet cleaner for your home. Hopefully, this guide has got you on the right path to a the right carpet cleaner for your home.